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25/03/2023 08:30

ICAK Benelux Annual Meeting 2023 met Dr. Olegs Suhorukovs, MD, DIBAK

Come join us for our annual meeting 25-26 March 2023, Holiday Inn, Brussels Airport.

Dr. Olegs Suhorukovs, MD, DIBAK, Spine Surgeon from Riga, Latvia will be presenting on the following topics:

1. From the whole cell to the whole body. All under control.
2. Proprioceptive interlinks of body structures.
3. Three plane proprioceptive interlinks of body structures.

19/05/2023 00:00

ICAK International Meeting 2023 Montreal

"THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE MAGIC" of Professional Applied Kinesiology.
Learn from the best worldwide clinicians in Applied Kinesiology.

Basis Applied Kinesiology

Basis Applied Kinesiology/ Functional Manual Muscle Testing

20-21 januari 2023
17-18 februari 2023
10-11 maart 2023
21-22 april 2023

Advanced AK Modules

De basis orthomoleculaire kennis en toepasbaarheid in de manuele praktijk.

29-30 september 2023
27-28 oktober 2023